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Software Engineer at Vicarious Visions with 3 years of professional C++ experience.

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  • Capstone - Semester 2 Week 8 & Week 9

    By: James Keats | 23 March 2018
    Tags: programming, college, ui, capstone

    A lot has changed over the last few weeks!

    Unfortunately, due to a technology limitation, there won’t be many screenshots or videos again this week. But I’ll briefly discuss some things that have changed since the last blog post and some challenges along the way!


  • Capstone - Week 7

    By: James Keats | 18 October 2017
    Tags: programming, college, networking, ui, capstone

    Weekly State of the Repo

    For the first time this past week, we failed a challenge in Capstone.

    We challenged to get out of Deep Dive and into Proof of Concept last week, and our professor gave us the thumbs down. All is well though, as he gave us a list of very specific feedback and criteria to meet to succeed and make it through to the next stage, and we have addressed all of it and plan to challenge again this week.


  • Graphics Fighting Game and UI Systems

    By: James Keats | 18 May 2016
    Tags: programming, college, ui

    The semester is wrapping up, and so I’ve been writing postmortems for pretty much every project I’ve been working on. I’m getting ready to update my portfolio with some of the projects I’ve worked on this past year; I’m a little tired of my website making it look like all I’ve worked in is Flash. One of my favorite pieces I worked on during the last piece of this semester was my UI system for my Game Architecture final, which is written in C++ using SFML.